YHDatabase Co.,Ltd ( is a professional provider of IT security sloutions by using Big Data and well-known in security solution field, established in June 2006. Public institutions, financial companies and even recognizable companies use solutions of YHDatabase.

We got award winning career of solution field as well.

Especially, We offer a virtual keyboard security solution, mobile information collecting solution and abnormal transaction solution.

In addition, we are doing business for expanding sales channels into overseas markets by releasing of Mobile Games and Security solutions.

The main business area

Majors in applications, mobile applications, web site development and security solution development



y-FDS (abnormal transaction detecting system by using Big data)
  • y-FDS is a security solution for preventing Electronic Financial Transactions fruad. This solution detects abnormal transactions by using Big data technolgies with collected financial log of customer tendencies and security information in real time.
  • According to increase in the number of e-banking users, electronic financial crash is increasing as well.
  • This solution has been spotlighted as a representative e-Banking security solution.
  • Technology Architecture
  • Product configuration and process
y-MobileMonitorSDK (Mobile information collecting solution)
  • y-MobileMonitor is a mobile information collecting solution for preventing of financial fraud and detecting abnormal transactions.
  • When you are utilizing financial transaction through mobile devices it collects the user's information and encrypts.
  • Then send the information to server to discern if there are abnormal transactions.
y-SecuKeypad (Non-ActiveX method type Keyboard solution)
  • Introduction
    • It is a security solution for blocking phishing and hacking that can occur when you enter personal information by using the PC and SmartPhone(mobile).
    • There is a function to generate a random keypad of virtual different, it will be encrypted sent to the server.
    • So is the solution that allows you to protect the personal information or financial information such as account number / password.
  • Main function
    • App(iOS,Android), Mobile Web(safari/webket), PC Web(Explorer)
    • Support regardless of OS version and IE version
    • Non-ActiveX method, no installation of Plug-In another
    • The configuration of server module and client module (E2E security support)
    • Keypad support types of quotes keyboard (horizontal / vertical)
    • Prevent exposure using image text input method, random keypad
    • Prevent key logging, Ensure the integrity


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Branch office

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