YH DATABASE Professional Knowledge-Based Bigdata
& AI Security IT Solution Provider
  • Big Data / A · I

    We provide more stable financial security services with big data and AI-based high-tech technology.
    We will prepare a quick and automated response system for fraudulent transfer attempts.
    We will try to prevent damage to financial fraud by lowering "the False Positive rate" that misjudges normal financial transactions as financial fraud and increasing "the Accurate Detection rate"

  • Authentication / Security

    We offer simple and diverse authentication technologies and user input value protection technologies.
    We can protect personal and company-critical information with simple app-based authentication method.
    In addition to, We protects sensitive information that users enter in app and web environments.

  • User Identification Collector

    A module-type security solution that collects, encrypts, and transmits various H/W and S/W information from your pc, mobile, or browser.
    Use the identified user information for "Designated Device Service" and "Electronic Financial Fraud Prevention Service".

  • Content Management System

    We provide the optimal solution for easy and secure content management on PC or mobile.
    It is a solution that allows you to easily create, manage, and view static HTML content on pc and mobile tablet pc.

  • Video Conferencing Platform

    We provide an untact-based video conferencing platform service.
    This is a web-based program, so you don't need to install a separate file.
    It's services provide real-time communication between multiple users. (Video conferences, web conferences)

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